Photography Set 5

This focuses on college life. No matter what people say, photography is voyeurism. It is looking from behind a machine at someone or something intently, entering their world and taking the moment that is presented to you. It is magic process. For a very long time I struggled with the concept of the being a voyeur because I never really felt like the creepy connotation that was associated with it the word. Am I a peeping Tom? Maybe, or is it a fetish of shapes, composition, colors, tones all interacting in a orgy? A girls legs as organic flowing inflated silk. A smashed and chaotic textured mess of the broken and forgotten. The seemingly ugly can be pleasing in certain light. The beauty of a body that carries a tortured soul behind a kind smile. It’s just a psychological world of interpretations and mystery and that’s why photography is so beautiful, because it’s all foreplay and strange mysteries, stories and meanings.