Not Born Bad, Made So (2020)

A picture about Sin, My nick name actually. Actually it’s how I feel. Burnt. It’s pretty easy to wreck your reputation, so rather than tipping toeing around in anxiety, or giving the pleasure of wrecking mine, I’ll just fuck up in massive ways and then my fear will be gone and I’ll free to be horrible demon I have always pretended I am not.

That Time We (2020)

A picture about time travel.

‘Quick, jump in to that worm hole!’ she said with panicked urgency, ‘which one?’ the clone said, ‘the big one’ the real Sienna said, still clutching the can of Jizz. Sploosh! out came cheesy jizz, both unsure whether it was the tight masculine grip or slightly open mouths that excited the can of whiz to explode. Sienna, now 34, had never really wanted to grow up. She always thought she would impress her parents by going to university and eventually becoming an art teacher, but all she really wanted to do was time travel. Hands stuck together with sticky jizz Sienna and the clone jumped in to the wormhole, and just like that they transported to Australia, where Richard Dean Anderson greeted the pair with flowers.

Welcome Home MF (2020)

‘Welcome home’ she said with a sarcastic mumble mixed with a sigh. She was looking downward towards some gum leaves on the ground where ants crawled all over a half eaten “White Knight” candy bar. Handcuffed behind her back the restraints were fairly tight and cut down in to her wrists, but there was a slight sexual turn on seemed to makes the experience a strange sort submissive fetishistic pleasure. The officers tight blue shirt, as if painted on, revealed a well kept body that would really on be result of a vegan diet and 2 hours of weights every morning. Tofu, plenty of Tofu, and complete absence of bread of sweets. By now it was the afternoon and warm Australian weather had encouraged the smell of aftershave to drift from the officer in to her nose. Her mind wondered as she lead by ‘Constable-sexy-just-want-to-him-to-ravage-me-on-that-hotel-bed’ to her quarantine room. At the door he said as he removed the cuffs, “Well, here you are, room 1720, if you need anything just call the reception and I’ll be down stairs’, she smiled, thinking ‘anything?’ looking at him in silly paused daze of wonderment she finally snapped back to reality ‘Sure, I’ll be just here’, she immediately winced at her weird reply and he joked back under and chuckle ‘Yes, you can’t leave the room, so yeah, I suspect you will’. She closed the door and it was locked from the outside with a ratchety clank.

She jerked off on to the fresh sheets, laying in her own filth, letting out a deep gasping moan. It had been a long flight and besides the sexual fantasies, she was craving a bath. Like slipping in to a gigantic womb, the warmth of the water surrounded her petite frame, encasing her in a liquid tomb. She could still feel the slippery cum on her stomach and gave out a little giggle.

I could keep writing but I know it’s just going to get more and more sexually explicit. Hope you like the weird art I made.