Lack of Focus (Come on Sienna)

I have this lack of focus and motivation at the moment. I know I am wasting my time, and that really bothers me. So rather than hating myself, instead I’ll will celebrate share some small achivements I have had in past to sort jump start my focus.

A while ago I did some online study/gamified learning about networking and very basic penetration pesting, which I enjoy but find really difficult. I probably shouldn’t take it to serious. I also should work on series of rooms/machines/tasks at once and pivot from one to another instead of getting stuck and giving up for the day.

Teir 0 Hack The Box

To give some inspiration and context this learning I enjoy listening to Cyber stories and Podcasts in particular, Dark Net Diaries , Hacked – Podcast and Malicious Life. Before you freak out, I am not aspiring to become some sor of malicious actor. Actually I’d love to eventually move away from teaching to an IT job at some point in the future. Do I have a set pathway? Not really, but I’d like to be able to do something with Industrial Control Systems and Maintainence roles.

Let’s Get Physical!

I have been going to the gym most days. It helps my brain more than anything. I wish they would turn the music down they play, it’s loud and quite repetitive, also the variety of genres is really poor. It feels like a nightclub at times, which i also hate with a passion. Reminds me of an kink event i went to a little while ago. The organisers of the kink event were very serious about consent, but volume of music, made it almost impossible to ask and communicate consent with with any of patrons there. I mean, that’s bonkers to me and something you don’t see overseas. Anyhow, back to the gym. When I look around, no one is actually listening to the music on the loudspeakers. Most people, including myself, listen to their own music on their headphones. Still it’s deafening and you can still hear it when headphones on. It’s weird and I am sure someone in the future will sue for hearing loss. Fancy going to a health venue that destroys your hearing! Oh well, my hearing is pretty stuffed anyhow.

My thigh is feeling a lot better. I think I just needed to rest it properly.

Also 17 days with out alcohol! Feeling better but a bit anxious. My body is less bloated which is pleasing.

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