Sneaky (2020)

Sometimes {REDACTED} will get in touch with me and ask me to ‘do’ things for them. I am not saying they are being sneaky, maybe they do have permission and it’s fine for them to contact other domme’s etc.

But if they have a mistress or a domme already I am never going to go along with any kind of infidelity. And it’s weird because even when I call the sub out on that sort of issue they still push and say ‘it doesn’t matter’ or ‘it’ll be fine’. I know it’s ‘not fine’ until your domme, who essentially ‘owns you’, says it’s fine with them to me.

If you think your being sneaky by going off to see other mistress’s or dommes you might want to think again, at least with me. If you push and push when I have said, ‘you should talk to your domme’ and that domme doesn’t contact me to to say they allow you. I wont talk to you. In fact I am not allowed to talk to you.

And I know that sounds cruel and silly, but what a good domme will never do is step on another domme’s property, you being that property. I know it sounds crazy, but really it’s BDSM 101. It’s sort of consent in a weird way.

Geeeezzz that sounded like a bit of a ‘arrogant’ post, I didn’t mean to come across as arrogant. I just want to keep the peace. Sorry just venting. I do vent a lot. It’s mostly why I make the art. It’s a cathartic expression.

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