Swinging (2020)

Swinging on swing is great fun. Do you remember it when you were a kid? Maybe your older now and you still sneak off to the park to indulge in this naughty little past time, what would you parents think of you? Shame!

Swinging is great fun with people you trust and I have loved that about Canada. It’s a very loving place and I will miss it when I eventually leave and return to Australia. I wonder if it will be as free spirited as Canada. My memory says ‘no’ in many ways, people seem to strive to lock down to monogamy, get married and disappear in to obscurity and conservatism. If it’s me who has to get it started, I suppose it might be the only way to make things interesting back there. Otherwise, I suppose we could always sell up and in a few year immigrate permanently to Canada.

All I know is I am deadly afraid of coming back to Australia. I know it’s super unpatriotic of me, but there are so many things I really did not like Australia. But I suppose if that’s where I was born there, what real choice do I have but to blend back in obscurity and conservatism. I guess at least the wine is cheaper there so I suppose I can always just numb my outrageous feelings. Yeah, it’s real ‘sigh’ and ‘look down’ kind of feeling.

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