Evil Vegetarian (2020)

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I am doing the vegetarian thing. Ohhh crap! hear comes the diatribe fucking annoying hippy word vomit making me feel bad. Well fuck you Sienna – don’t tell me what to do with my life! How dare you! Who are you to tell me not to eat my dog! Well….. maybe too far? But is it?

Anyway, no that you have vented, I managed to stumble upon a few documentaries about food. Kind of fucked me up a bit. Like I really can’t eat meat now. Wow! I don’t feel sad or miss eating it. I am not here to push others into it. They should really be able to make up their own mind. It’s not fair for others that want to eat meat. That said – here it fucking comes, rolling down the hill amongst the daisies and lentils and soya crops, fucking hippy opinion)

KILL YOUR OWN KILL: That said (insert nasty reality) I am going to say one thing (that’s bullshit, I am going to say a few things).

If you eat meat and you like eating other animals (just like you are and your pets are), you should have the courage and heart to hold the bolt gun against the cows head and look in their eyes and acknowledge the fear and shoot, hang it up, run the knife down its body, pull it’s skin off, gut it, dismember the limbs, you’d probably need a saw to cut bone, clean it, store it, dispose of the parts you don’t want. You have to do this all extremely fast, because if your too slow, the meat will spoil before you can freeze it. You should be able to, hold lambs and sheep in a headlock, take a knife and slit the throats while they panic and try to escape. You should be able to run around and catch and break the necks of the chickens and birds. You should be able to cast a rod, catch a fish, gut and scale it. 

If you can do that, you’ve earnt the right to eat your kill, mind you, that doesn’t mean you can share it and I wouldn’t see it as a badge of honor.

You might be annoyed by my opinion. The idea of ‘kill your own kill’. I am not going to labor over it but mass meat production is definitely not as simple, efficient, or clean as you might think. The conditions that animals live in is extremely poor and extraordinarily cruel and the way they process them is not humane.

RISE OF SUPER BUGS: These conditions breed antibiotic resistance because the farms can’t afford to have sick animals or outbreaks, so they are pumped full of antibiotics to kill all infections and sprayed directly with antibacterial agents, which don’t always work. The transmission of bacteria to your plate is almost impossible to irradicate and perhaps is one of the common ways bacteria and infections get hold of your body. It gets harder and harder to control the bacteria because after a while the germs mutate and the antibiotics don’t work. The antibiotics are not much different from the ones you are prescribed in the hospital. Chances are, if you eat meat with antibiotics, which is a lot of the meat sold because it’s cheaper, you are opening yourself up to antibiotic resistance through the consumption the antibiotic filled meat. If that’s not risk enough, I don’t know what is? It has even been debated that eating of animals has been linked to COVID 19, though that is really unfounded. Food for thought.

KILLS THE ENVIRONMENT: Meat production on the scale we see today destroys the environment on many levels like; expanding need for more land, water, and grains. The amount of water and feed required to raise animals and to process them is insanely high, which is pretty sad considering lots of humans don’t have land, water, or grain at all. There is also a lot of waste (yeah animal shit and also the parts no one wants to eat) that end up in the food chain as pollutants.

DONT NEED IT: It has been proven over and over and over again that meat isn’t required for quality nutrition in humans. In fact, meat is one of the worst food sources often have side severe effects, that completely outweigh its benefits. Soy shows no damaging or estrogenic properties and has a fairly strong protein profile. There are lots of soy products if you like having a high protein diet. Truthfully, people don’t really need a lot of protein. So go for life on soy products, especially organic ones, if ‘building’ muscle is important. I am not trying to convert you.

IT’S BASICALLY A DELICACY: You don’t have to kill it or butcher it and sometimes you don’t even have to cook it. You eat meat because you like the taste of meat. It is the only thing you can really say.  The truth is that it’s not healthy to eat it, it is not economic to eat it, there no health benefits, there are no environmental benefits and there is no ethical argument because those animals suffer verbatim.

Let’s summarise, you should consider a plant-based diet, research it. Want to eat meat, consider fishing it or hunting it yourself. Can you do it? Is it worth it?


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