Sploosh (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.46.55 am

So I am trying to go through a bit a self-improvement plan at the moment. I think I just got to point where I was sitting here in my apartment and I just thought, “shit, I am wasting my life away”. So there a few components to the changes I am making. One is mental health journey, mainly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I am hoping to reduce my anger, anxiety, and depression through rational re-thinking situations. Another is Heath thing, with exercise as one component and Plant-based eating, and rediscovering my love for art and knowledge. Another is my sexual side embracing my fetish side and quirky kinks. It’s all gradual and I hope I can keep going and not relapse into fear and laziness. I don’t think this artwork is about any of that really, other than the sexual stuff. I suppose part of it is being okay with putting myself out in the world and really not caring about if that offends people. I think I have spent a long kind of putting other people’s ideas of normality into my head and it’s really fucked me up. I guess it must be like when you have a religious belief and one day you finally just wake up and say, you know what, this stuff just isn’t me. Is it just me or do other people have these epiphanies?

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