Dark Matter (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.30.05 pm

I am a bit of space nerd. I don’t know much technical stuff, so I am not an expert in astronomy, but I a am fascinated by its mystery and beauty. The wild colors, power, and bizarre existence of Pulsars, Quasars, Stars, Nebula, Super Novae, unique shapes of galaxies and black holes. And then there is this stuff called ‘dark matter’ that is supposed to be in between all other matter and space. It pushes and expands space. It’s like a webbing, like a spider web giving the universe, as we know it, a sort of organic framework. And I guess it sort of reminded me of cum. So I put phallic-shaped futuristic spacecraft in there. The bluish background with the webbing effect is like that dark matter. I put myself in their just because I thought it was a bit spunky, maybe a nod to ‘Barbarella’ and those old 50’s space movies. Well, that’s about it. Yeah. And yeah that Brian Cox guy, super hot.

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