Second Hand (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.24.52 pm

Ever felt like the backup plan for someone? Like you know, if they had someone else in mind, but your a good second option if they don’t want them. I have. Whether it was a relationship, a housing situation, or a job offer, I have always had a sneaky suspicion for feeling like, “I’m not the one”. No, it really does suck not being Neo from the Matrix, no special abilities or purpose. I mean who wouldn’t trust me with a gun, I am nice responsible…..Wooooahhhh Whoopps (juggles the gun in a failed attempt not to drop it and end’s up shooting a vase of grandpa’s ashes), Oh shit sorry, at there was not flowers in that vase (looks around the room, faces of shock and death stares).

Some days I think, shit I must have been born on another planet. Do I blink sideways? I mean I wouldn’t know, I can’t even check that in a mirror. Maybe people just don’t have the heart to tell me, dude there is something wrong with your eyes! (As I flick out my split tongue). And what about my olive complexion? I think there is just some gypsy genetics in their somewhere. Surely. Right….?

What is the bizarre inferiority I feel at times? A lack of faith in religion? Is it because Amazon doesn’t expedite Krypton with all this crazy virus thing going? I mean I am starving here. Damn you Dr Spock, Damn you!! I should have got that job over you at DHL, you were always too reflective, off with the stars. Mindless. I want my shit! Get it fast!

I think I need a mind reset. When I reformat, what do you do? FAT 32? For even if I know I am secondhand to some people I honestly think I am full of enough Kryton to take on any Ubermanche, even if I can only make them weak in the knees, in their dreams.

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