Good Sex (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 2.55.34 pm

You know. If you really explore your sexuality, you find some really cool things. And if you can say ‘fuck the shame’ and ‘fuck the judgements’ you can have yourself a ‘fucking great time’. Hell, you might even have an orgasm. You might finally trust someone. You might really actually trust someone. You might literally live your wildest fantasies and not care how weird it is. Your depression might even disappear, who knows?

I am not saying you have tell the world about it. Hey, look, if you go to church or you’re a teacher or you’re some other responsible member of society, I get that you want to keep your anonymity. And you should. But behind closed doors, don’t limit yourself. Go absolutely sex crazy. If your curious, see that dominatrix, and if you see a sex worker treat them like kings and queens. You might pay for service, but that doesn’t afford you to be an arsehole or to not shower because you’re too fucking lazy or not wear protection cause ‘I lose feeling’. If you have multiple partners, Jesus does it have to be said, get tested regularly. It’s not a big deal, it’s quick, and usually free.

So why no put on your girlfriend’s clothes, let her fuck you with strap on. Tie her hands up, and treat her like a princess, eat whipped cream from her nipples. Edge that orgasm for hours. Play Doctors, check that prostate, open your mouth, say ahhhhhhhhhh, and stick your cock in there. Play slow, talk to your partner, be open, be honest, don’t judge each other, and make an effort. No, none of us are professional, good sexual experiences come from play and practice and getting feedback and probing your partner for that ‘just-right-porridge-not-to-hot-not-to-cold-just-hand-cuff-my-wrists’. PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY for Christ’s Sake, in less than 80 odd years, you’ll be dead.

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