Social Media Fear (2020)


Just a piece about my personal anxiety around social media and the internet. Even this website is pretty much social media and the platform is the internet. I guess, even though it’s a WordPress, it still feels more like something I own. But you know, somewhere in the fine print is some sort of clause saying they have the rights to use all the media I create. Truth be told I hate the internet. I created this site as backup of backups for my art. You know, in case my place burns down. We have all had hard drive failures blah blah. It’s weird how the web is set up. It’s kind of a bizarre ocean of shit. I have fantasies of escaping it, but that is now the equivalent running away to an island to be alone. I mean if you didn’t have any sort of internet profile or contact, it’s likely, you would be classed as a missing person. The internet is huge, it’s virtually bigger than anything, yet it’s totally unregulated. It’s sort of a weird necessary evil. I wonder if anyone else feels like this or am I just being nostalgic about my younger years?

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