This is and was (art) (2020)

This is and was (art)

Sometimes I just make things. I don’t really have an idea of where it’s going, usually it some sort of subconscious thing.

Ummmmmm. Sometimes, there is this weird thing here in Canada where I get this French vibe, and then I get this American vibe and I suppose that’s what this picture is about. This mish-mash of the culture here that on one hand is sort highbrow french (at least aspiring traditional culture), and American low brow (blatant indulgence and commercial crass).

I just made this picture and I can’t explain it. It’s not a critical view or jab at anything. It’s just an experience. Probably says more about my lack of control over my own life. That I’m trying to split atoms over culture. Who the fuck am I to say what it should look like. Maybe this franco/americano thing says more about internal struggle about myself or my future. All I know is a can’t draw eyebrows for shit.

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