Blood Stone (2020)

Blood Stone

A friend of mine is starting to crack up pretty badly from the isolation stuff. They are still working as they are essential. I suppose it must feel like she goes to work and comes home to a prison of sorts. I sort of used to it. I am pretty okay with being alone. She is very good at her job and it’s related to her personal interests and I try to remind her of that.

I try to be a good friend and be positive, but this virus stuff is not looking very positive. At least that’s what we are told through the news. I don’t suspect it’s wrong, but it is vague about sharing certain information. Like the most covered subject is the number of deaths and contractions. I don’t know if I really find this information that useful. I don’t know if anyone does. It’s certainly frightening, but that’s about it.

It would be nice to know about the progress of vaccines. Perhaps more information about home management of sick friends and family. More information about the symptoms and the lifecycle of the virus. Stuff that’s worth knowing. We know it kills. I think most people are tired of being locked up at home being isolated and unable to help the crisis.

This image feels like heat. A fever. It feels like a panic building. It’s frustration. We wait for science to figure it out and hope like magic that drawing blood from a stone will fix it. Maybe, who knows? We know nothing. Hope is a shitty word. It’s weak. We are weak. But, fucking hope is all we have and that pisses me off.

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