Strike 3 (2020)

strike 3 copy

This one is called Strike 3 and it’s about my annual or biannual huge falling out with someone I know. Yep, every so often I have this huge falling out where it just can’t be forgiven or repaired and no apology or restart will work. Bang! The relationship is dead.

I could start listing off names, but you know, you probably love them. For all I know, they could be your dad or mom or sister or brother or aunt or gramps.

I wonder though, how often this happens to other people or if it’s something I do? I mean do I attract arseholes or do I do things that fuck people off and they go mental.

Maybe it was band member, maybe it was a person I was living with, maybe it was a comment online that pissed off someone I don’t even know or have never met. Maybe it’s my own family, maybe it was an ex-boss that hated my personality or the way I look or maybe it was someone that was simply transphobic. At the end of the day, today is the day stop blaming myself for all you fucking idiots out there that have fucked me over, yeah that’s right you!

It’s about time I get arrogant and nasty and f___ing self-centered for a change. What have I really got to lose? The respect of these f___heads? The same people that I pray will die in a horrific accident? I have nothing to lose, probably because you derailed my life in some way, but you know what I don’t forget and I keep tabs on you and I can see you have far more to lose than I have.

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