My Map of Trauma (2020)


Been struggling with my mental health. I know there is this social isolation thing going on, which has really only given me more time to think about it.

I have a lot of stuff, unresolved stuff. It’s pretty weird. I don’t notice it when I am busy. So maybe I should just be busy? It seems simple, but I won’t always be busy enough. There is always downtime, especially being unemployed.

The pentagram in a circle is supposed to be a protection symbol, I’m in the centre. And the writing outside is kind like a brain, my brain, with a muddle of words that look like folds, repeating around: guilt, shame, powerless, weak. It’s separation as such, from my past, my fear and trauma. I must make a change. I must be re-calibrated.

Not a little bit, a lot a bit.

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