Creeping Corona (2020)

Creeping Corona 2020

Well, This is sort of about the Corona Virus (COVID -19). It’s pretty scary. It really reminds you of your mortality. I put this sort of angel vs demon thing in because, while I don’t like the idea of religion, there is a part of me that wonders if the afterlife is really a thing. And I wonder which side I’ll end up on, not that it matters, and either one I am okay with. It got me thinking, did fuck a lot of people over in my 33 years? I mean, I never go to church, I’ve engaged in ‘non-vanilla’ kinky self-indulgent sex outside of matrimony, and that’s just the ‘little’ stuff. So I guess I am hoping whichever side I end up on, there’s at least well-stocked dungeon and good flow of willing souls that can take a bit of pleasure and bit of pain. I just hope it’s not boring.

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