The Only Way is Down (2019)

The only way is down

Yazz, The Only Way Is Up. But what happens when you get to the ceiling? A glass roof. You can see the sky and it’s blue but you can’t break through. It’s a mistake and the only way is down, maybe that’s burning hell or blood but it’s not up. The only way is down. Up has been done, it’s bounderies reached. Down is to mystery, erasing memory and taking what think is the way the world should be and turning it upside down. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking the face of failure. From bottom to top, over and over, like the markets and the seasons, the wars and depression, the bust and boom, your own rise a falls. The moment you realise the whole thing is just surf. Your life is surf. Will you sink or swim. This one came from a series of dreams about water. Maybe the song I should be sneaking in here is Tool, Ænema.

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