Unmanned Space Station (2019)


It feels bad. It feels like guilt. It feels like inferiority in here. Not fitting in. Things are not gelling as they should. Things aren’t happening. Hope is disappearing. Goals, ideas and dreams are just lines of text and the process has become invisible. It feels like I am in a space suit in space and I have this oxygen thats running out and I have fallen away from the space station and I am just drifting away from it because it has been destroyed somehow, my old life I suppose. I guess it’s about impending doom. It’s my future in some ways. Im in this weird time where things have broken down in my life and they just seem to be on a path of dimantling and I can see it happening from a distance but I can’t do anything. I am recognising I am in slow motion and I just can’t see a future. All I can do is watch the wreckage slowly spinning in to space or spiralling back to earth, burning up. I am just watching my life decay. I am feeling my soul decay. My spirit has dulled. Just a little hand made mixed media thing, nothing serious.

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