So I’m getting fat.

One of things about transitioning is fat redistribution.

I made a promise to myself that I would never let my body get in the way of what I wanted to wear. Like most people, I have way to much clothing, and I just simply refuse to buy more, both because I’m tight for cash and also because I watched a show about the amount of clothing ending up in land fill. I also noted most of the stuff popular today is kind of shit, or samples of the past. I got most of stuff from an op shop anyway over period of years.

Sometimes I bought stuff even if it wasn’t quite the right size. Now, I want thank my mum, Claire and Tom for teaching how to work a sewing machine. It kind of means I can adjust anything to my size.

I’m not massively different to 10 years ago, but it’s about 2 inches, which for some things, like skirts, especially rigid fabrics, means they need adjusting.

Sadly in Canada I don’t have a sewing machine and overlocker, but I do have a needle and thread and managed to adjust a few.

If I have some time, I’ll take a few pictures of the adjusted stuff and pop them up here. I have never been so excited to wear old clothing.

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