Bass and Bass

Hey everyone,

Just a little update on what I have been up to for the last couple of weeks. I have been writing some bass lines for The Quagaars, an Australian band from back home, which has been a bunch of fun. Love doing studio stuff like this.

Also I have been writing some music with some friends here in Ottawa. We have 2 tracks basically composed and rehearsed and are working to complete 5 track E.P by some time in the middle of the year. Hoping to recruit a singer and possibly add singer, keys or second guitarist to the already bass, guitar and drums.

I am also looking to finish another album of my own under Graphite Hands. The working title is ‘TINY’. Two more tracks until I am done, but unsure if and if I am game to release it. I can tell you its more softer electronic, less gutiar, more sampled electronic drums.

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