Mr Robot

So, I am rarely fashionable or up with the times. Recently I discovered you could trial Amazon Prime. I had been watching Netflix as my main entertainment mixed in with YouTube (not the paid version) and thought I might like to try something else. So whats on Amazon Prime? Well, lots of classics, so I am just going to focus on Mr Robot. Mr Robot is currently a 1 season, 10 episode series, based around the main character Elliot Alderson a New York based computer hacker played by Rami Malek. It is a interesting story that twists and turns around a duality of reality and fantasy, most of which resides in Elliot’s head, as he works with a team of others to take down the E-corporation, a giant conglomerate of companies controlling most of the financial, credit, technology and insurance services in North America. The style is of Fight Club, which is wonderful thing. It’s very much anti capitalist perspective, which is rather refreshing, even to the point where you’re rooting for the downfall of the company. There is plenty of psychological thrill here, but towards the end your left wondering, could this really happen? This is only the first season for me, and I am looking forward to more, hopefully.


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