TEDx Transgender: a mothers story – Susie Green

I try not to re-post too much stuff. I think people tend to overly advertise on behalf of others, without even realizing it and even I do sometimes. That said, this TED talk is of huge value and its free.

Whether you are trans or not, TEDx Transgender: a mothers story – Susie Green is a mothers experience of her transgender daughter from a very young age. As transgender person myself it is a heartbreaking close to home reality that ticked the list as it went on. I kept thinking, geeezzz I was that kid, I wonder what my mum thought of me. However I never told my mum. Fear kept me quiet well in to my late 20’s.

Most young transgender people and their families struggle to help and know how or what they can do to support their child. It’s a very real, frightening and sad some the experiences that young transgender people have. Watching this TED talk will probably blow your mind, especially if you know nothing about young transgender people or their experience. It’s really worth watching, only because the story always seems to be the same among young transgender people. The damage is so easy done when ordinary ignorant folk, not always purposefully, just don’t understand the transgender  perspective. The stats for transgender people are shocking and are not good stats. The concept of transgender people is simple, yet they are easy targets for physical and emotional abuse, isolation, sexual assault, poor health care and discrimination in all aspects of life including work life and school.

It’s definitely weird when you consider that it’s seemingly easier for us to understand and accept far more complex subjects like; space-time, gravity, physics, mathematics, quantum computing and space flight. Yet the simple concept that body, doesn’t always match the brain, is just not ‘okay’ or it must be ‘wrong’. Society really needs to get their shit together. Where is the logic in telling someone their feelings are wrong? Are you able to read minds? If so how?

Trans-skeptics: How do you have an understanding or knowledge or opinion when you can’t see inside a transgender persons head? How do you have any idea? Your answer is you don’t. You have no clue. I guess all you have is your own formulated ideas, sort of like my ideas and opinions like; ice hockey sucks or eggplant tastes awful.

Susie Green is the exception to so many parents, educators, religious leaders, company managers, and millions of idiots of society who influence and beliefs remove and destroy the lives of millions of transgender people. That enable the suicide and homicide of trangender people.

Ask yourself this: Will you be a transgender ally? Or will you crawl back in to the safe little narrow-minded hole, while someone you know is silently suffering, planning their end? What if it was your brother or sister or mum or dad? Would you watch on as they took their own life?

Or would you think, a human is a human is human?

If you want to discriminate against anything, let it be ice hockey, let it be eggplant, but for fuck-sake its time quit the same old bullshit hate on the minority group. That transgender group of people, that make up 0.4% of the population of the world is just too small of threat to the straight boring whatever you are.

Now, if I have made you super angry, or not, you really need to grow a set and watch this:

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