This is a bit of an Australian Post

So I was listening to the Triple J Hottest 100. I don’t really have the access to it, on the daily residing in Canada currently, but I have to say, does anyone else think the artists all sort of blended together? Like it was quiet-wispy-echo-accoustic or hiphop-dubby-trip. Pretty disappointed to be honest. Just a lack or versitility. But really who is to blame? Triple J or you? I mean you guys voted for this stuff, but then Triple J showed it to you in the first place. I’ll give you credit for up voting Ocean Alley’s Cover of Player’s ‘Baby come back’, that was a great cover. Maybe I am just getting old and falling out of touch. Is this what happens in you early 30’s? Am I on the decline? There are some high lights for me though, because otherwise I’d just sound like a crazy old spinster, which is pretty close to true. I can totally listen to these 11.

  • Hockey Dad’s – Join the club and Sweet Release
  • Hilltop Hoods’ – Leave me Lonely
  • Bring Me the Horizon’s – MANTRA
  • DZ Deathray’s – Like People
  • The Presets’ – Martini
  • Middle Kids’ – Mistake
  • Skegss’ – Smogged out
  • Jack River’s – Ballroom
  • Waxx’s – Labrador
  • Trophy Eye’s – You can count on me
  • The Amity Affliction’s – Ivy (Doomsday)

What did you think of the Triple J Hottest 100? Who were you favourites?

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