Friendly Jordies, my YouTube pick for December

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 6.28.01 pm.png

This December i thought I’d put down one of my favorite channels on YouTube. Friendly Jordies is channel from Australian based comedian Jordan Shanks.

If you don’t mind a little social commentary in your comedy and good laugh at Australian Bogan culture then you will love this channel. Constantly taking the piss out of politicians, big time fat cat business folk and TV shows such as the Project, he deliverers hilarious skits, often acting as multiple characters in shitty (totally hilariously shitty) costumes, wigs and face paint.

There is a more serious side to some of the videos which are a real eye opener. There is a constant duality between piss take comedy and genuinely highlighting of some fairly serious social issues in contemporary Australian culture and society, particularly regarding misleading media. He is entertaining and challenging his audience in one. He differs in a lot of ways to other comedians in that sometimes I’m not sure what he says is always such a laugh, but his channel and content is definitely worth a watch.

Check out the latest episodes here.


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