Hot Ones, or Wings, one of my YouTube favorites this November

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 5.59.02 pm.png

If anyone knows me, they know that I love hot sauces and I love chicken. I love to try different ones and usually get a new one every time I am at the store. Overtime I feel like I have been getting in to more and more hotter sauces and I think you kind of build up a tolerance and need to always up the ante to keep the burn on. It’s why I love this series from First we Feast hosted by Sean Evans.

From the channel First We Feast, we have a great series called Hot Wings. How it works is it’s a typical celebrity interview/story time show, but along side is snacking gradually on more hotter chicken wings. There is a bunch of hot sauces and tester chicken wings that get hotter and hotter as the wonderfully candid interview progresses.

The reactions from some these celebrity folks and Sean himself is hilarious. There is always the section about halfway through when the wings became overwhelming, dramatic sound effects and thrilling/horror down soundtrack grows and the celebs struggle to even answer questions and promote their latest feats. There is a genius in taking down these seeming giants, not in sadistic way, but more in a college dare challenge sort of way.

It’s a leveling thing in that kind of highlights that even if you were in Jumanji or your a famous comedian known for drug use or a tough guy with rock n roll antics, we can all relate and experience hot wings in the same way, even at home. There a lots of different episodes but some of my favorites are MGK, Russell Brand and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Check out the latest episodes here

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